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compagnie drift

Schwarzer Peter – kein Konzert

Wasn’t it fun to attach a piece of card in the spokes with a clothes peg and to enjoy the clattering noise our bicycles made? The delight in technical bricolage that creates wonderful sounds is the driving force of compagnie drift’s latest work to première at the festival. If you happen to have seen the theatrical concert «machine à sons», you will also like this one. Watch and listen to Massimo Bertinelli, François Gendre and Peter Schelling tinker around with their noise machines. But these whistling-tinkling-clankinghooting devices do not only have a sophisticated technical inner life, but also a poetic and somewhat stubborn mind of their own. And sometimes, so the three sound fiddlers tell us, they are even a little slippery. Let’s see. (esc)

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Schwarzer Peter – kein Konzert