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Jeune Cirque

Cie. Carpe Diem / Cie. Ki Productions / Cie. leto

Nouveau Cirque has come a long way and is now a tradition of its own. But it is still as «nouveau» as it was back in the seventies. The festival pays tribute to this revolutionised form of traditional circus and clears the ring for young talent. «Jeune Cirque» showcases three performances from France, the native country of Nouveau Cirque. The young artists celebrate pure circus art. But their feats performed on the high pole, the trapeze or with wooden benches are not an end in themselves. Rather, they are embedded in little theatrical stories: poetic, dramatic and clownish. (kdi)

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  • Duration

    75 mins

Cie. Carpe Diem / Cie. Ki Productions / Cie. leto