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Bruno Beltrão


«The dance world has been waiting for someone like him», a German critic wrote and the Süddeutsche compares his impact on dance with that of William Forsythe. The 29-year-old Brazilian Bruno Beltrão is indeed an outstanding choreographic talent who has opened up new dimensions of dance. He and his company Grupo de Rua are well-known stars in Brazil’s hip hop scene. Over the years, Beltrão has deconstructed, defamiliarized and redefined this street dance and created a unique, powerful and awkwardly beautiful language of movement. In «H3», which premiered at the Kunstenfestivaldesart in Brussels, he takes things a step further and moves away from the hip hop philosophy of solo dance. The performers no longer «compete» but find intense and fragile moments of dancing with each other. (esc)

  • Duration

    50 mins

  • Credit

    The performances are supported by AVINA Foundation and SDC, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation