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Switzerland / Egypt

Duyvendak & Ghayatt

Made in Paradise

What happens if «Yes, we can» meets «Inshallah»? Can one broach the issue of Islam without causing uproar? «When trying to meet the other, we risk to be ourselves», the dramaturge Nicole Borgeat comments on the artistic encounter between two performers with different cultural backgrounds. Yan Duyvendak, a Swiss-based Dutchman, spent three months in Cairo while at the same time the Egyptian artist Omar Ghayatt spent three months in Switzerland. The two performers have subsequently condensed their individual experiences into 15 fragments. Each fragment shows a specific aspect of the misunderstandings and irritations but also of the pleasant surprises and eye-openers which resulted from this culture clash. The audience becomes an active part of the performance and gets to decide which fragments it wants to see. (esc)

  • Language

    Arabic and German

  • Duration

    90 MINS

Made in Paradise