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Claudio Tolcachir & Timbre 4

Tercer cuerpo

La historia de un intento absurdo

Nominated for the ZKB Patronage Prize

The Argentine director, author, and theatre pedagogue Claudio Tolcachir along with Teatro Timbre 4 has created a piece based on the format of a TV soap, full of tempo and humour. «Tercer cuerpo» presents a situation many inhabitants of Buenos Aires have to endure: due to economic reasons they are forced to flat share with others. Work, feelings, frustration and relationships – everything takes place within a tight space. Privacy is unaffordable. The audience is seated in the middle of the living room, which is simultaneously an office and a café, and takes part in the lives, the dreams, the longings and ultimately the solitude of Sandra, Moni, Hector, Sofia and Manuel. (ron)

  • Language

    Argentine with German surtitles

  • Duration

    60 mins

  • Credit

    The performances are supported by AVINA Foundation and SDC, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

Tercer cuerpo