Zürcher Theater Spektakel

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Theatre Goodies

Each evening of the 30th Theater Spektakel the audience is given a little
present: A bit by bit showcase of Switzerland’s past, present and future
theatrical landscape (exceptions permitted!) Artists, who have been connected
with the festival for many or not so many years, present a little delicacy to top off the programme. 15 minutes, no more, no less. The exuberant line-up features the award-winning company sihlpost and Fabienne Hadorn’s Theater Kolypan, seasoned performers such as Luciano Andreani, Mark Wetter, Nina Dimitri, Silvana Gargiulo, Peter Rinderknecht and Margrit Gysin as well as Malika Khatir, Club 111, Andres Lutz, Lola Arias and Phil Hayes, to name but a few. The menu changes daily and varies from highlights of previous shows to tasty nibbles prepared on the spot. The best proof of how nonperishable such theatrical «friandises» are deliver Ueli Bichsel and Marcel Joller: Their legendary «refrigerator» act is as fresh as on its first day. (esc)

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    15 mins each